Opal FAQs

Specimen Grade vs Cab Grade Opal

Specimen Grade Opal

Opals were born of water and silica and some need to stay in their natural element. Specimens are for all the collectors out there that love to display their Opals but don't need to wear them. These opals need to stay hydrated in water, dehydration can result in damage to these opals. No worries though, every Specimen Opal order comes with a jar!

Care Instructions:

  • Specimen Grade Opals must be kept wet, store them in water ensuring they are fully submerged
  • Specimens must be kept wet at all times as dehydration can quickly damage the opal structure; even when viewing ensure the opal has a layer of water around it, dipping it in water while viewing is necessary.
  • Tap water is what we use to store our Specimens, simply fill your jar or container to a level above your specimen so it is submerged.
  • Change out your water whenever it gets cloudy from matrix(host material that surrounds opal) particles that may detach.

Jewelry Grade Opal

Jewelry Grade opal is kept dry and is very stable, this is the opal you want to set into any wearable jewelry!

Please feel free to contact us via email or social media if you have any questions about Opal Grades and properties!

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